Cycling Atacama Desert in Chile, Altiplano in Bolivia and Andes in Argentina
Cycling through endless sand sea, rock plateau and mountain passes in Morocco, Algeria e Tunisia
Cycling the American South West
Cycling KKH (Karakorum Highway) in Pakistan and trekking in Spiti province, North India
Cycling in Spain and the entire Alps
Other travels, hobbies and other stuff

South Algeria, near Djanet Airport

Cycling rough dirt tracks in the Sahara or at 5000 m in the Andes or summiting a Volcano: That's where the fun begins.





Ros & me went to Spain (again) to do some nice trekking in the Pyrenees err Northern Spain. Check out the galleries !

Finally I managed to get a grip on the ropes again. Have a look at some fine climbing on the velvet granite of Sintra, Portugal


Bike - Second and last part of my detailed equipment thumbnail gallery is up HERE

Bike - Want to see my "James Caird" ?

Updated the FAQ

Spain - Report & Pictures of my recent Tour de Castilla e León.

Bike - Interested in my bikes & travel equipament ?

Pakistan - "Cycling the KKH". How NOT to ride from Pakistan to China

Algeria - New edition of "412 km to Djanet". A tough ride over rocky tracks through Algerian Sahara

Chile - "Trekking in Volcano Land". A story about a couple, who had to size down their ambitious climbing plans

Spain - Report of a one-week bike trip through Extremadura, Spain.





Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi

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