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21st December 2001 - 10.15 GMT

Mulhacén 2000

Highest peak in continental spain, 3490 m, located south of Granada

This trip was intended to be a preparation for something bigger ;)


0th day: 12-08-00

We hit the road early, heading for Sevilla and the further to Granada. After refilling on stocks and gas we drove up to the ski resort at around 2.600 m, always worried about the temperature of the engine. We parked at a nice spot and slept in the car.

1st day:  13-08-00

Got up with the first rays of light, had some fast breakfast and drove the rest up to the parking lot at 2.800 m. Don't be to surprised to find a terrible amount of comercial stands here. There is parking space for probably 100 or 200 cars, and people sell all the usual stuff like coke, souvenirs etc. On a paved road you will walk up, passing the ruins of some astronomical observatorium heading for Pico Veleta. (Btw, I made it 10 years before with the bike, check it out HERE).

Pico Veleta offers a great view, other hikers hangin around and some causual birds looking for a snack. After a short break, we got our stuff and continued. We were worried, that maybe some kind of permit would be necessary to go further to Mulhacen, but that was not the case. There no controls or anything.

Following a dirt track, which leads down to the valley of the Alpucharras we made good progress, at some place we treid to find a short cut and had some fun at a via ferrata. Finally, in the late afternoon we arrived at the foot of Mulhacen and there we pitched our tent. There are 2 (?) refugees around, but they were full and we preferred some calm place for our own.

2nd day:  14-08-00

Summiting from this side is no big deal, it's just walking up a slope of perhaps 200 m and there you are, the highest point of continetal Spain. Great view, a lot of options to further explore beautiful Sierra Nevada. After some pics and a snack we started our descent, packed our stuff and headed back on the same route to our car and begun the way back home.

Slept in a very nice town called ...., some very strange hills there and near some kind of pinacle forrest, which should be nice to do some rock climbing.

3rd day:  15-08-00

Arrived home. 

 Additional information:

Take good treking boots, tenns shoes may not be enough. You should be able to make the hike in one hard day. Start early, just carry a small back pack with the usual stuff and only bother about Veleta on your way back.

- I