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North Africa - Tunesia and Algeria
Hammamed (Tunisia) - Tozeur - El Oued (Algeria) - El Golea - Algier - Tunis - Hammamed, 06-12-89 until 17-01-90

29st May 2002 - 21.12 GMT

Magreb 1989

After first bike experience in europe and a short visit by bus/train
to marocco the year before, it was time to face a real adventure by bike
in africa. To calm down my parents I had to look for a compangion, over
an ad I found a guy named Uwe. As he was the only one, who responded my
ad ther were no big options. Well, there was always the possibility to
drop the guy and this was exactlly, what happened.

Algeria - Between El Oued and Ghardaia

The inicial idea was to fly to South Tunisia, get into Algeria and head
for In Salah or Tamanrasset.
As we both were pretty unexperienced, a lot went wrong or at least not
as expected.
Right on the first day we felt the huge gap in our daily milage; he had
a overweighted MTB, packed with every imaginable gear and spare parts
and I was on a light weight racing bike with not much more than a sleeping
bag, water, food and a few tools.
After 2 days we separated, but I caught him again after one week short
before the algerian border.
The whole tour was no big success, in some aspects even a disappointment.

So I put in the frame of my bike (which was rather complicated to extract later), others put it into their sleepbag and, well, the german put it into his rectum, considered a secure place. But the problems started, when we left Marocco and had to cycle a kilometer or so to the algerian border post, as our friend became some strange feelings in his stomach. And when it was his turn to be checked, he had a attack of diarerha.

Algeria - Between El Oued and Ghardaia

The leg from El Oued to Ghardaia and further on to El Golea, a total of over 400 km, has besides some nice spots near El Oued and El Golea only the horizon and a lot of wind to offer. So after almost a week in virtually the same landscape and fighting constantly against the wind I was anoyied of more 400 km until In Salah.

Tunesia: Without a clue near Touzeur


Algeria: The impressive "nothingness" of the Plateau de Tademait


Wide open spaces

To ride from Hassi Messaoud to Ghardaia and further on to El Golea isn't very exciting at all, only open space and strong winds. South of El Golea is a short climb up to the Plateau de Tademait- the biggest parking lot in the world (400 km) until you reach In Salah.

Algeria: Right behind the tunesian
In the evening light the dunes near El Oued appeared to be pink, had a lot of fun to "swim" them down


Algeria - Col Ain Tinne