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Roadmovie in Brazil
12-04-01 until 05-05-01

21st December 2001 - 10.15 GMT

February 2001

Ros has a health problem in her family and is forced to travel to Brazil.

April 2001

We decide to have our holidays in Brazil, so we can save some cash because of the air tickets.

General Impressions about Brazil

We stayed a week our so in Ros' hometown, Campinas, 100 km from São Paulo. Campinas is... well, a city with +/- 1 million inhabitants. Nothing more and nothing less.

There are some parks, a downtown, some shopping malls and a lot of suburbs.

There are several things, I don't like about Brazil. The most obvious is crime and violence. Everybody you meet can tell you some horrifying stories. "Friend killed for a pair of shoes", "car stolen in front of the house while parking", "shop assaulted in plain day light" and so on and so on. I got paranoid and it might saved my ass in several occasions. But for sure it inhibited us to do a lot of fun stuff.

Days in Brazil are short. Days begin at 6 a.m. and finish at 6.p.m (of course it depends on your geographical position). So if you are used to the long summer days , hanging around until 9 or 10 in the daylight, you might be pretty disappointed.

So, after 6 p.m. our days are basically over, because we don't dare to leave the house after darkness.

The good things about Brazil are open minded people (besides the criminals) and the cheap food.

Not, that living is cheap. No, big supermarkets are on european standards, choice and price wise.

But eating out is cool !

You pay for the kilo or as much as you want.

Ok, so let's get on the road ! We borrowed an old Chevy something - like an Opel Corsa - and went to the north, heading direction of Rio and the highway. Quiet interesting, how the gas price may vary from one gas station to the other. Around early afternoon we reached a place called ..., know for his waterfalls in the wet season. The car showed some overheating problems and the next way we found out, that some rubber tubs of the cooling circuit were leaking.

50 m from the hotel was a workshop and we got it fixed quiet easily.

Next point of interest was the National park " Parque Nacional da Serra do Caparaó" Pico de Bandeiras

26-28-4: Pico de Bandeira


Pedra Azul

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