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21st December 2001 - 10.15 GMT

Tenerife and El Teide

27-11-1999 until 5-12-1999

0th day: 27-11-99

Got to the airport at 6:00 a.m. but our flight was 45 late so we missed by one minute our connection flight in Madrid. We waited 3 hours for the next one and arrived at Tenerife around 3 p.m.. Checked out the competitive prices for a car and made a deal for 8 days for 19.500 Pts, quiet good. Then we hit the road and drove to Punta de Teno, arrived there at sunset and slept in the car.

1st day:  28-11-99

A nice road movie day, circled the island and arrived in the afternoon in Puerto de la Cruz. With a very good diner and a nice wine in the Bodeguita and a beer at Color Cafe we finished the day.

Coastline with Teide

The morning was really cloudy and we were not very optimistic to have a nice walk at the Las Caņadas. So we asked some guys from the National park and they told us, that it should be better to try the climb of Teide.

After a short discussion we deceided to go for the summit right away, as time was running out.

We were one of the last people to start the trek on this day so we had to hurry a little bit. First a smooth climb on a dirt track, passing the first snow, clouds were coming in. We reached the foot of the volcano, which marked the starting point of the climb. There seems to be only one way up, no technical problems, but exhausting because of the big height we had to gain.

2nd day:  29-11-99

Started slowly the day, did some shopping and drove up slowly to El Portillo. The weather wasn't very good, cloudy with a little rain, but we had to start training and trekking a little bit to be better prepared for the pico. So we drove to the direction of the Centro Astrofisico and made there a walk for two hours. As we had to start early the the next morning we decided to sleep in the car at El Portillo, was pretty cold. As the stars came out we wondered how this dogs could survive ?

3rd day:  30-11-99

More or less in the middle of the way is a mountain hut at 3000 m, a great place to have a rest and take a look around.

Finally we reached the upper platform of Teide, 3500 m and not to far away the station of the Teleferico. As we saw no activity at the teleferico we were concerned that it was closed. We asked another trekker and he confirmed it, the station was closed because of maintainence work. So we had to forget immediately the crater, which was still 200 meters to go and began our descent. 
Ros at 3500 m - Que friiiiiiiiiiio !

This was good fun and in the dawn we arrived agian at the car.

As the last night was very cold we were eager to sleep at a lower altitude, but didn't consider a hotel because we had no hope to find a hotel in the night. So we drive back to O. and slept in front of wood retailer. 

4th day:  1-12-99

After a unpleasant night in the car we decided to have a rest day in Puerto de la Cruz. Did some eating and sleeping and had some drinks at night.

5th day:  2-12-99

After this very boring day yesterday we wanted to hike a bit again. Got into the car and drove to the other side of the island to walk the nice and easy Barranco del Infierno. Very touristic in the begining it gets better as you get deeper in the canyon. In the second part the vegetaion becames denser and at the end you find a nice waterfall.

Back in the car we checked out the last road to the Teide, which approches from the west. At dawn we found a very nice rest area in the middle of pine woods, volcanic ashes and strange rock formations.

6th day:  3-12-99

Got up early and drove to to the parador and started the walk through the Las Caņadas. We made good progress and so had the time to walk back again to the car, avoiding to wait for the bus at El Portillo to go back to the car.

Drove back to Puerto de la cruz, had dinner and another cup at color cafe.

7th day:  4-12-99

Easy goin on the last day. Another roadmovie, nice and easy, enjoying again the fantastic coastline with a stop in the very nice village of Icod with it's famous dragon tree.

8th day:  5-12-99

Well, got to the airport, dropped the car and several hours later we were back home.

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