intr.v. trekked, trek·king, treks
To make a slow or arduous journey.
To journey on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas.


30 June 02: GG Germany. Congrats to Brazil

March 02: New Layout & new content, prepare for cool stuff & dead links

15 Feb 02: Wolfgang and his group conquered mighty Aconcagua via the polnish route. :) Congratulations for the summit and the save descent

Don't miss this fine event with Elena Erat

27.01.02: New Thumbnails from our honeymoon

Don't miss this fine events with Elena Erat

14.-16.02.02: Reiseliteraturtagung Saarbrücken, Schloß


05-09-2001 - After several months of idleing I updated the site. Removed several dead links, some minor layout changes, set up a forum and added Sierra de Gredos/Spain

26-03-2001: Good ol' "Pole" Mac becomes a proud father (Fiona, 0.53 m & 3.490 kg, is her name) ! Congrats to him and Tanja: Well done !


21-08-2000: I stopped smoking.

15-08-2000: Climbed the highest peak on the Iberian Peninsula, Mulhacen (3490 m)

16-06-2000: Finished our free climbing course in Sintra with Emanuel. Thanx

26-03-2000: Our 4th half marathon in Lisbon

07-03-2000: Cool site from Wolfgang, check it out at

06-03-2000: Sir Ernest Shackleton, 126 th Anniversary of his birth on 15th Feb.1874

27-02-2000: Registration of


13-11-1999: E.A. Zogbaum´s 98th aniversary

10-05-1999: Big thanks to Victor Arenas and Carlos from Colombia for their great help and support.